Western Sydney Parklands Hubs

Client: Western Sydney Parklands Trust

Ason Group was commissioned to examine potential locations for a new Community Hub within the Western Sydney Parklands at Hoxton Park.  The Hub provides for a High School, medical centre, a Retirements & Aged Care Facility and new sporting and recreational facilities.

Consideration of the significant changes to local conditions further to development across the Austral & North Leppington Precincts was crucial, and particularly changed conditions along Fifteenth Avenue for Hub Site 1, and Bringelly Road for Hub Site 2.

Our work included:

  • Preliminary advice in relation to the broader road network changes, local public and active transport opportunities and potential upgrades to maximise accessibility to each Hub site.
  • First principles assessment of trip generation and distribution to the future road network, with a focus on localising vehicle trips (to the extent possible) and maximising public and active transport trips.
  • Investigations of the additional public and active transport links required to maximise accessibility, and potential design changes to local roads and key intersections within the Austral & Leppington North Precinct.
  • Identifying potential impacts associated not only with the relatively high traffic generation of each Hub, but potential rat-runs further to the connection of a Hub into the local road network.
  • Development of appropriate criteria by which to compare the merits of each Hub site, including a holistic overview with the Project Team of not only transport but broader environmental factors.
  • Ultimately, the ability to provide a firm recommendation in regard to the preferred Hub site.

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