Waterloo Road
Client: John Holland Group

The Master Plan

Ason Group was originally commissioned in 2017 to undertake the development assessment of the Master Plan for 45-61 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park, providing for some 117,000m2 of commercial GFA.Subsequently we have also been commissioned to provide Transport Assessments for the first 3 buildings, including Building C (now known as “The Glasshouse”).  The Glasshouse is nearing completion and will be occupied by TfNSW.

The Master Plan provides for:

  • 117,000m2 of commercial and ground floor retail GFA
  • 5 commercial buildings centred around the Catherine Hamlin Park
  • 3 new roads, with 2 connecting with Waterloo Road
  • 1,170 car parking spaces

An assessment of pick-up and drop-off forecasts and to meet the needs of the School during key peak periods.

Our work included:
  • Strategic Transport Modelling of existing and future traffic flows using Aimsun modelling software.
  • Liaison with 2 key stakeholders, City of Ryde Council and TfNSW.
  • Pedestrian Modelling focusing on the capacity of pedestrian infrastructure to accommodate peak pedestrian demands.
  • Determination of appropriate trip rates using available survey data, developed in consultation with the Council.
  • An assessment of parking demands and provisions.
  • Development of a Draft Green Travel Plan for future development.
  • Preparation of a detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan.
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