Pitt Street Pedestrian Movement Analysis
Transport Modelling
Client: City of Sydney

The Master Plan

Ason Group was engaged to undertake the capacity analysis and assess the operational performance of the current and proposed design in terms of Level of Service provided to pedestrian circulation on the block and adjacent streets in Sydney CBD.

The Legion pedestrian model was developed to perform virtual experiments on the design and operation of the study site and assess the impact of different levels of pedestrian demand, including the capacity across a wide range of scenarios and explore how pedestrians and crowds interact with infrastructure.

Our work included:
  • Profile of pedestrians boarding / alighting public transport and determining person-trip rates using various surveys.
  • Simulate the pedestrian movements at signalised crossings and on footways on the study precinct.
  • Measure the densities and Level of Service occurring in the site as well as on the surrounding streets and at pedestrian crossings.
  • Produce Cumulative Density maps describing the Level of Service (LoS) in each part of the stops during relevant time intervals.
  • Produces Desire-line maps describing the building-users routing for the modelled time.
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