Oakdale Estate Industrial Precinct
Client: Goodman / Brickworks

The Master Plan

The Oakdale Estate is strategically located across both Kemps Creek and Eastern Creek and forms part of the Western Sydney Employment Area lands .  Ason Group has been involved in the project since 2014 and has prepared the necessary assessments relating to the Major Project and site specific Development Applications for the Eastern, Southern and Western precincts.  

These precincts include approximately 250ha of developable area for industrial land uses with an end value in excess of $5 billion.

Working with State and Local Government and other relevant authorities for the design and delivery of relevant infrastructure to support the future development.

Our work included:
  • Strategic Transport Modelling to identify infrastructure requirements relating to existing and future road corridors including the Southern Link Road, Lenore Drive, M4 and M7 motorways.
  • Future trip demand analysis for the precinct across multiple modes.
  • Precinct and regional freight demand analysis.
  • Parking demand forecasts to meet the needs of the precinct.
  • Identification of Sustainable Transport options for inclusion.
  • Construction Traffic Management to support the development of the precincts.
  • Detailed site specific designs for Toyota, Coles, Costco, DHL, Iron Mountain and others.

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