Ivanhoe Estate Masterplan

Client: Frasers / Land & Housing Corporation

Ason Group was engaged by Frasers to assist in its bid and subsequent masterplan development of the Ivanhoe Estate, Macquarie Park.  The development is Australia’s largest integrated housing project which includes:

  • 3,300 new dwellings including 1,078 social and affordable units
  • Provision for a new school, child care and community facilities
  • New vehicular and pedestrian connection to Lyon Park Road
  • Signalisation of the Herring Road with Ivanhoe Place


Our work included:

  • Identification of opportunities and constraints during the “Bid” phase.
  • Demand forecast analysis of trips by mode and purpose
  • Strategic Transport Modelling of existing and future traffic flows under varying development and infrastructure scenarios using Aimsun modelling software.
  • Site access and management strategy
  • Technical design of the road and active transport network
  • Public transport capacity assessment.
  • Pedestrian modelling focusing on the movement of pedestrian between the Site and Macquarie Park station, and the capacity of pedestrian infrastructure to accommodate peak pedestrian demands.
  • Consideration of Movement & Place within the broader Macquarie Park precinct.
  • Development of a supporting Transport Management and Accessibility Plan with associated Aimsun modelling.
  • Liaison and consultation with all key agencies and stakeholders, including Ryde City Council, RMS, Transport for NSW and Department of Planning & Environment.

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