Auburn Industrial Estate

Client: Mirvac

Ason Group was commissioned to assess the development of an Industrial Estate in Manchester Road, Auburn.  The Site had been the subject of a number of mixed-use, residential and industrial proposals over a number of years, but none had processed through to a Development Application.

Further to a detailed iterative assessment, and with feedback from a broad Project Team in regard to potential yields, operations and access routes to the sub-regional road network, the Estate provides for:

  • 6,770m2 of warehouse floorspace;
  • 7,855m2 of ancillary office and hub floorspace;
  • Over 600 on-site parking spaces; and
  • Significant on-site servicing and loading infrastructure.

Our work included:

  • A detailed review of the past development proposals for the Site, and moreover the identification of the impacts arising from these previous proposals (and means of mitigating them for the Estate).
  • Extensive data collection along key routes between the Site and the sub-regional road network.
  • Drone surveys along the key routes to fully understand peak period operations, specifically given the high number of access roads, intersections and queuing demands along these routes.
  • Further to a detailed validation of existing network operations using all the survey data, SIDRA Network analysis of existing and future base operations, and then operations further to the operation of the Estate.
  • Significant design work, particularly focused on the movement of B-Doubles across the Site, including access to all loading areas and minimising their interaction with light vehicles.
  • Preparation of an Operational Traffic Management Plan to appropriately manage on and off-site heavy vehicle movements so as to maximise the safety and efficiency of the local road network.
  • The Estate was approved for development in early 2020.

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