Santa Sophia Catholic College

Client: Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

Ason Group was commissioned in 2018 and undertook the necessary assessments in support of the delivery of Santa Sophia Catholic College.  The project provides the development of a unique part 5 and part 6 storey building suitable for 1,920 primary and secondary students and a 60 student Catholic Early Learning Centre and was approved in April 2020.

The School is located within the Box Hill North Town Centre and provides three main hubs connected by terraced courtyards and garden spaces.  The Site is well connected to Box Hill North with cycle and pedestrian connections to the broader suburb.  

Our work included:

  • Preliminary technical advice in relation to concept proposals.
  • Working with key stakeholders to develop a parking and traffic arrangement to benefit the Box Hill North Town Centre.
  • Held discussions with the relevant authorities for the design and delivery of relevant infrastructure including roads, and bus layovers.
  • Future trip demand analysis for the School at opening and maximum capacity with consideration for the Town Centre and Box Hill North Precinct.
  • An assessment of pick-up and drop-off forecasts and to meet the needs of the School during key peak periods.
  • Submission of a Transport & Accessibility Impact Assessment to DPIE including the provision of responses to relevant SEARs.
  • Development of a Draft Green Travel Plan for future development and implementation ensuring that the development meets the requirements of the relevant Council and Stage Government objectives.
  • Preparation of a detailed Construction Traffic Management.

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