SEPP Monitoring
Client: LOGOS

To monitor the operational truck volumes at their Moorebank facility, Ason Group has been working with LOGOS to install a semi-permanent camera which utilises computer vision to continuously monitor vehicle entry and exits and classify them. 

This data is used for compliance purposes, to ensure heavy vehicle volumes remain within permissible thresholds and to pre-emptively flag any risk of non-compliance. The data is also able to be used for planning purposes, enabling the client to understand the hourly and daily distribution of vehicle volumes, including vehicle classifications and directionality. 

Our work included:
  • Installation of long-term traffic surveillance camera and back up radio counter. 
  • Utilisation of computer vision software to automatically detect and classify vehicles, reducing manual intervention which would otherwise be costly and require significantly greater time for assessment. 
  • Data cleansing and transformation to clean and convert raw data into suitable inputs for detailed analysis. 
  • Data visualisation using Tableau to create dashboards for stakeholder and agency communication.  
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