Edmondson Park Town Centre

Client: Frasers Property Australia

Ason Group has been involved with further design development of the Edmondson Park Town Centre to support the lodgement of a Section 75W application to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC). The development of the town centre would provide for approximately 3,500 dwellings and 40,000m2 of commercial floor space to the immediate south of Edmondson Park Railway Station. As part of the project, Ason Group had undertaken:

  • A comprehensive review of traffic assessments relating to the previous PAC approval
  • A comparison study of the approved and proposed road network
  • Advise and assess the proposed access arrangements of the town centre for loading provisions and visitor/customer provisions
  • Provide an assessment of the impacts
  • Review and manage the VISSIM microsimulation modelling undertaken by AECOM
  • Documentation of a Traffic Impact Assessment to support the proposed modifications