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Rhys Hazell

Principal Lead

Rhys brings diverse experience in transport engineering and transport planning with a focus on a broad cross-section of both public and private sector clients across Australia.  

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He has developed a range of skills essential to achieving positive outcomes and brings an enthusiastic approach with attention to client and stakeholder engagement. He values building professional relationships and encourages positive and open communication as part of any project delivery. He has worked closely with a range of key clients over many years including Vicinity, TOGA, QIC, Charter Hall, Stockland and Multiplex to deliver a diverse range of large and small scale projects.  

Rhys has focused on delivering a range of masterplans, planning proposals, strategic transport assessments and parking studies for over 20 years and sees the movement of people and goods by all travel modes as integral to realising a sustainable future. Regular involvement with all aspects of construction traffic management through to construction and occupation certification has also been a focus. He also brings a wealth of practical experience to detailed site layout and design as part of proactive engagement on a range of architectural details.  

Through a combination of land use planning experience, technical transport knowledge and a definitive pragmatic approach, Rhys continually brings a broader perspective to complex projects in an ever-changing environment. He also regularly acts as expert witness in the Land & Environment Court with his experience fostering ongoing development of strong verbal and written communication skills. Being an active contributor to envisaging, designing, constructing and delivering great projects will continue to drive his enthusiasm. 

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