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Eric Ye

Senior Traffic Engineer / Analyst

Eric is a Senior Traffic Engineer/ Analyst. He has extensive experience across a wide range of traffic sub-disciplines including transport modelling, traffic engineering and planning, and traffic design.

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His broad range of experience enables him to have a holistic understanding of projects and to craft well-considered solutions for the client.

Currently, Eric’s focus is on analytics and modelling. His typical workflow encompasses data collection, cleansing and analysis (using Excel, Power Query, Python) which feeds into further data visualisation (Tableau), transport modelling (SIDRA and Aimsun), and documentation. Eric takes a hands-on approach, usually as the primary project manager, managing project resourcing and timeframes, client liaison, and deliverables.

Key projects Eric’s been involved in include Victoria Road Aimsun modelling, various State Significant Developments for multi-storey industrial warehousing, multiple Integrated Transport Action Plan (ITAP) projects, due diligence work in Macquarie Park, and large scale data collection and visualisation for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service across 100+ concurrent sites.

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Emily is a Traffic Engineer with professional experience in road/traffic engineering and transport planning industry in both China and Australia across government and private sectors.

Emily Duan

Traffic Engineer