Walker Street, North Sydney

Client: Aqualand

Ason Group was commissioned to undertake a traffic and transport assessment of the redevelopment of the SAP Australia building at 168 Walker Street, North Sydney. The development was approved in early 2016 with a yield of 415 units and 2,500m2 of office/commercial floor space. As part of the project,

Ason Group had undertaken:

  • An investigation of the existing local traffic conditions, including on-street parking, public transport, traffic volumes and network operations.
  • An assessment of parking demand based on car ownership data for the locality.
  • A detailed review of the proposed Sydney Metro (extension of the Sydney Northwest Metro) and assessment of the implications of transport use by future occupants.
  • Development of intersection models, using modern lane-by-lane analysis software (SIDRA), to assess existing local road network performance.
  • Undertake a review of removalist vehicle fleets to specify building design requirements.
  • Advice and assessment of internal road design, car parking, loading access.