St Clair Shopping Centre Data Capture

Client: Ringmer Capital

Using computer vision technology and Bluetooth sensors, Ason Group undertook a 12 month analysis of the operation of the St Clair shopping centre car park and pedestrian movements within the centre.  The project included the use of Parkam technology within Australia and enabled insights on the centres operation and its customers movement patterns.

The technical solution implemented enabled the insights to be gathered by the client within minimal capital expenditure, and generally making use of existing CCTV cameras.  Reporting was provided to the client and stakeholder team on varying metrics that included:

  • Car park utilisation by day of week and time of day
  • Utilisation of different areas of the car park down to statistics of individual car space operations.
  • Visitation data including number unique and return customer statistics
  • Use of car park by customer type (staff, visitor, commuter)
  • Average length of stay per vehicle
  • Pedestrian movement statistics.

Our work included:

  • Technical design and implementation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Project management

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