Bungarribee Business Hub, Western Sydney Parklands

Client: Western Sydney Parklands Trust

As outlined in the Western Sydney Parklands Plan of Management 2020, Bungarribee is planned to become a business hub, supplementing the recreational and community hub. Ason Group was commissioned to undertake a traffic study as part of the feasibility assessment for the potential development of employment lands. The scope of the study involved the following:

  • A detailed review of historical transport studies undertaken previously.
  • Consultation with RMS to determine potential access arrangements to the site.]
  • Development of a road network model to compare development and access scenarios.
  • Development of intersection traffic models, using modern lane-by-lane analysis software (SIDRA).
  • Assess the cumulative impacts of the business hub and parklands.
  • Evaluate the road infrastructure requirements to support the development of the business hub.