Mamre Road West, Orchard Hills

Client: Altis Property Partners

Ason Group was commissioned to provide our expert traffic consultancy services to rezone rural lands to industrial lands. Subsequently, this initiated a State Significant Development Application for a proposed warehouse and logistics hub with a Stage 1 development yield of 85,000m2 warehousing/light industrial floor space. As part of the project, Ason Group had undertaken:

  • A comprehensive review of the assessment methodology and findings of Western Sydney Employment Area, Southern Link Road Network, Strategic Transport Assessment.
  • An analysis of forecasted traffic generation and an assessment of the traffic impacts in comparison to strategic modelling findings.
  • An assessment of the road infrastructure requirements to support the development of Mamre Road West over multiple stages.
  • Development of a traffic model, using modern lane-by-lane analysis software (SIDRA), to compare multiple access arrangements.
  • Consultation with RMS to ensure an optimal outcome to provide adequate vehicular access.
  • Preparation of a Traffic Impact Assessment documenting our findings and providing adequate responses to critical DP&E criteria.