Childcare Centres, City of Sydney LGA

Client: City of Sydney

To meet future demand, City of Sydney sought to develop new childcare centres within its LGA. Both centres have a combined capacity for 160 children within key areas of the city, which require additional childcare services in response to planned residential growth at Harold Park and Green Square. Ason Group was commissioned to undertake a traffic impact assessment for the centres at Annandale and Alexandria. Key tasks performed by Ason Group was as follows:

  • Analysis of existing and future parking capacity.
  • Assess public transport accessibility.
  • Undertake a traffic impact analysis based on future traffic demand.
  • Development of construction traffic management and control plans to minimise the impacts of construction on the local community.
  • Development of Green Travel Plans and Transport Access Guides to encourage sustainable transport modes.
  • Review access and parking design for compliance with Australian Standards